Anthony Romano


Languages: English/Italian

Anthony started at a young age working with his dad on his time away from school in the Well Water Business installing and fixing pumps.  In 1984 he decided that Plumbing was something he wanted to pursue and began his apprenticeship as a plumber but also working along side his older brother as a sprinkler fitter.  In 1987 Castlemore Plumbing was born and soon after in 1992, Anthony received his Master Plumbers certificate.  In 1994 Anthony decided he wanted to build a Full Mechanical Contracting company and at this point the company became Castlemore Plumbing Limited every year growing bigger and bigger now offering Full Mechanical service.

Castlemore Plumbing limited has now more than twenty full time employees and works on a wide range of projects in the ICI, Low Rise and High-rise sectors.

David Brown

Operations Manager

Languages: English/French

David started business in high school by opening a small Sound and Lighting Company with a friend doing a variety of functions from weddings to Corporate events.  In 2000 the decision was made to sell the company and move on to something new, the plumbing wholesale trade.  Not knowing too much about the business David started at the bottom with a Plumbing and Heating wholesaler, threading and cutting pipe.  Working his way up the ladder to learn as much as possible, and eventually running 3 main branches in the GTA.  In 2016 it was time for a change and David wanted to see the other side of the business and so started working with a mechanical contractor for a short stay to learn about the business and see if this was something he wanted to pursue.  Later that Year David came to Castlemore Plumbing Limited taking on Operations and is now responsible for purchasing, project management and day to day operations.

Alberto Gonzelez

Chief Estimator

Languages: English/Spanish

In 1988 Alberto started on his Mechanical Industrial Engineer degree in Mexico, completing it in 1993.  From then he worked on graphic designs with a smaller firm.  Shortly after started with an Industrial Pump Company helping designing pumps and working with clients to provide accurate calculations on requirements given to them.  In 2000 Alberto decided to move to Canada to pursue his passion for Mechanical work.  Working with a variety of contractors he eventually joined Castlemore Plumbing Limited in 2017 as Chief Estimator and is now responsible for all project estimates.